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Salute links up with HONNE for a remix of "Just Dance" [Premiere]

Watching the career of HONNE blossom feels like we're reading straight from a book. The London-based duo has had their grip on electronic music and its popularity expansion into deeper, chiller avenues, debuting with "Warm on a Cold Night" in 2015, later expanding into a full-length eponymous album released last year. Since, they've expanded their offering through various releases via Atlantic Records, with their latest, "Just Dance," released in July 2017.

The original of "Just Dance" ventured into indie electronica-pop crossover, with an upbeat outlook and accent horns. It's been remixed by Ross From Friends, and now, this week is up for another re-up. This time though it's from fellow UK producer Salute, and it's surely something to write home about. Famous for meeting in the middle of R&B/soul and house music, Salute has put that signature touch on "Just Dance," and it's truly infectious after releasing another original, "That Girl," today. With scintillating chime synth progressions and heavy bass, this will make your week. It's out of course via Atlantic Records tomorrow.

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