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Watch Waju get weird in his new video for "If U Wanna" [Video]

While it seems as if the relationship of Rock and Hip-Hop has definitely hit a high right now with XXXtentation and Lil Uzi Vert flooding everyone's timelines, it's nice to have something smooth to groove to again. Waju gives us just that in the new visual for his Medasin produced track, "If U Wanna".

The video honestly looks nothing like you could've imagined off first listen of the song itself. Full of brain hemisphere surgery, spaghetti arms, ice cream trucks, and hand dance duets, you have to wonder how high was Dan Carr (director) when he came up with the story line for the video. Yet somehow it's the perfect video for the song as Waju waves and coasts across your screen simply doing what he wants on a hot LA day. 

Starting with a narrator explaining that Waju's had surgery separating the hemispheres of his brain, the story line begins as his body starts to seizure and his arms start to grow. The rest of the visual is simple, showing how his left and right hemispheres try to live their own lives and take an arm for themselves to do so. This is until an ice cream truck is spotted, and both sides agree that a cone is the most important thing at the moment. Everything seems fine until Waju drops his ice cream and the video ends in tears. Pretty sad ending to an otherwise upbeat video, but once again it works with the perfect amount of weird and great cinematography (shoutout to Arjun Prakash). Well it works for me, at least.

Find out for yourself and give "If U Wanna" a watch above, but I'm positive the track itself will make you groove. Stay tuned for more from the LA native.

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