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Meet Danny Watts with the Jonwayne produced 'Black Boy Meets World'


Danny Watts is the the first artist to put out music on fellow rapper, Jonwayne's new record label Author's Record Company. Author has typically just been home to Jonwayne's projects, but with his first attempt at executive production he welcomes in Danny Watts as part of his clique. Danny comes from Houston, Texas and this is his first full length commercial album. This project was fully recorded in just a week but without knowing that, it would appear as though this album had been crafted over a much longer period of time.  In the opening single to the album, "Young & Reckless", Danny constantly switches flows and paints images of youth rebelion. In the rest of the album Danny brings vivid imagery and some great concepts to the Jonwayne produced tracks.

Jonwayne and Danny Watts are set to embark on a sizable tour starting october 3rd with 46 dates in just 2 months. This tour spans accross America and will conclude November 27. Check out the music catelogs of both these great hip hop artists. 



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