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Emancipator announces 'Baralku' and shares new single "Goodness" [Premiere]

Classically trained electronic Producer and Composer Emancipator (Doug Appling) has special news for his fans. Today alongside the announcement of his forthcoming studio album Baralku, he's sharing a new single "Goodness" and we've got the first listen for you. A jazzy delight, the new single is as feel good as the title suggests. From start to finish "Goodness" is an pure jam session; elements of world music, folk sounds, the violin, flute and other creative instruments make this one easy on the mind, body, and soul. 
When speaking on the album in it's entirety, he shares “Music takes me to places, and each song is a spirit island on which its soul lives infinitely. To release a song is both a death and a birth at the same time,” he adds. “The sounds contained in each song have reached the end of their life process. The once shapeshifting collage of expression has been crystallized into a final form, no longer kinetic. Yet it exists in a state of permanent potential energy, waiting to be accessed in the form of music, just as the memory of a departed soul will always have the power to move us.”
Baralku is out in November via his own record label, Loci Records. Float away with the latest "Goodness" above. 
Connect with Emancipator: Soundcloud I Facebook 
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