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Feel alive with Folded Dragons' remix of "Six Feet" by Alaina Cross

Its amazing what a person can accomplish when they truly put their mind to it. Of course, a little bit of talent helps too, and luckily for young Albert Pan aka Folded Dragons, he was blessed with both the talent and a work ethic. The 18 year old Minnesota born & raised producer started piano lessons at age 5, violin at 11, and before he was even in high-school had already begun teaching himself how to produce music electronically.  Now a freshman at New York University, Pan is the ultimate expression of how far the power of self-taught, DIY driven behavior can take young producers today.

Pan's first ever release under the alias Folded Dragons is a remix of Alaina Cross's "Six Feet" which twists the worlds of modern melodic bass and future bass together. His anthemic version boasts beautiful lead synths, growling bass-lines, and and brilliant progression as it carries the original vocals from Cross into a epic new soundscape. Not only does Pan craft his own music, he also builds the artwork and branding giving him full creative control of the Folded Dragons project which came from his love of origami and dragons as a child. 

Be sure to follow Folded Dragons on his socials below to keep up with his latest as I'm sure this is only the beginning.

Connect with Folded Dragons: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram



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