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Galimatias reveals his fresh falsetto on latest track "Blowback"

Galimatias, the Los Angeles-based Danish producer who recently gave an interview on his newest creative inspirations, is back on EARMILK for his latest release, "Blowback." Coming off the recent release of "Let Me Know," his first original in nearly two years, the themes in "Blowback" parallel LMK through the use of Gali's voice and the sound design of his airy percussive production.

Galimatias sings about brushing off a girl, until he realizes he hurt her feelings and might want her back— through fusing impressionist piano chords and pulsating rhythms, the track turns a potential cliche story into a refreshing track. The sample woven into the song's chorus adds a fun retro twist, from Barbara Lewis’ 1963 hit “Hello Stranger.” Another introduction to this new chapter in his sound, Gali's falsetto makes “Blowback” a fun light-hearted Summer song.

Connect with Galimatias: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify

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