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Grieves spills his "Gutz" about toxic relationships [Video]

With only a few weeks left until this upcoming LP, Running Wild, drops, Grieves delivers new visuals for the seductive and vexed "Gutz." Capturing both sides of a toxic relationship, the hook on this track winds around the destructive cycle a failing couple finds themselves in. Hints of jazz are offset by moody trap notes, and it's near-impossible to not slip into rhythm with the track's well timed "fuck you." The video is equally as dissonant, with lighting that implies passion working in tandem with shattered glass and a violent fight. "Gutz," both the song and the video, showcase how insightful Grieves is, able to constantly see all sides of an emotion or impulse.  

You can pick up a pre-order for Running Wild, out August 25th, here.

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