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Grouper shares beautiful 'Ruins' B-side "Children"

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Liz Harris, AKA Portland, Oregon ambient musician Grouper, is back with another single, "Children". We last heard from Grouper on the Winter Solstice last December when she released her Paradise Valley 7", and this new song of hers actually dates back a few years to her last album, 2014's Ruins. "Towards the end of making RUINS I wrote a song that never made it onto the album," Harris says on her Bandcamp. "Though it felt aesthetically similar, something about the content and energy felt distinct in a way that didn't fit the rest of the music. This year, amidst chaotic and painful political times, while working on another project, it reemerged and made more sense." For the next 24 hours, Harris is following Bandcamp's lead and donating all proceeds from the track today to various charities and foundations, including the Transgender Law Center and Trans Assistance Project.

For anyone familiar with her album Ruins, the track is more plaintive piano and vocals from Harris, simultaneously spare and heartbreaking. While her voice is hushed as usual, some surprisingly biting and haunting lyrics pop up regarding saving the planet and "How we turn in the shadows, murdering the world in our sleep".

You can purchase "Children" here.

Connect with Grouper: Bandcamp | Website | Instagram

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