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Hear Plastic Picnic's "Berkeley"

What does Brooklyn sound like? Is it early hip-hop, the alt-rock of the early aughts, or the punk that filled underground bars like CBGB, or something more cheery and collegiate like, Plastic Picnic

Yes, Plastic Picnic sounds like Brooklyn, but they also sound like the Pacific Northwest they've been transplanted from. Lincoln Lute, Emile Panerio, Marshall Hunt, and Gordon Taylor honed their sound while playing in separate Seattle projects, before meeting on the "right" coast and finding each other. 

They've been described as "indie post rock project soundtracking a John Hughes movie," and it's hard to not imagine the song "Berkeley" playing while Molly Ringwald makes eyes with some less than deserving yuppy in the perfect who happens to be wearing the perfect 80s get up. Plus, if lyrics like "Who decides that we need love? / each time it lets you down/ keeps you crawling back for more" doesn't fit snuggly within the plot of your favorite romantic teenage comedy, you're just outright lying. Their debut EP will be released via Highland Park this fall, and you can catch them live tonight at NYC's Baby’s All Right

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