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MRY makes a debut with "Way We Go"

If you know the local music scene in your city or town, you can probably pinpoint the areas where artists are flourishing and able to explore their creativity best in a world of rising urban living costs. In New York City, that's Bushwick, and in LA, that's in Echo Park. 

It's safe to say that MRY has been influenced by their experiences in the LA music scene, and through their community in their local Echo Park. He's released his debut single this week, entitled "Way We Go," after writing a sequence of songs in "basement in Echo and a garage in Silver Lake." "Way We Go" is the first, and a proper introduction. Funky, soothing, multidimensional, the track is impressive to come out of a garage and a basement. It shows his influences - the funk of Nile Rodgers, and 80's stylings from Phil Collins and Tina Turner. An enthralling debut, MRY reminds us of the importance of mixing talent and know-how with our own experience. "Way We Go" is built from an urban experience, and building a life there. As MRY says, "There's no question that this path leads into the jungle."

Connect with MRY: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

Electronic · Indie · Indie Pop


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