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Put your "Ghosts" to rest with the newest single off Dead Robot and tribes. Therapy EP

LA transplant producer, Dead Robot, and LA native singer/songwriter, tribes., are back again with the third installment off their collaborative Therapy EP. I had the pleasure of covering their first two singles “Lately” and “Hold On” and after listening to "Ghosts" couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to continue the trend and share their latest addition to the project. 

“Ghosts” is an indie-electronic song which ruminates on past mistakes. The always deep and soulful vocals from tribes. complement a slightly somber beat produced by Dead Robot as the track starts out. Although the lyrics don’t suggest it, the overall mood is lifted as an electric guitar is introduced into an energetic and bass heavy drop leaving the listener with a more resolute feeling to end on.

The more I hear, the more I understand the name and overall theme of Therapy, which they say has been instrumental in dealing with and healing from some of their harder times. Let "Ghosts" be the musical therapy you need and be on the lookout for the fourth and final single to round out their Therapy EP in the next few weeks.

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Bass · Electronic · Indie


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