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BOSCO kicks off a new project with "Adrenaline"

Altanta-born artist BOSCO twists R&B to create a fresh sound, reflective of her fashion-forward style. On her last album, BOY, which debuted two years ago, BOSCO paired her breathy vocals with experimental melodies and production saturated with echoing hi-hats. Since then, she has released "Castles" with Fools Gold Records this April, a single featuring singer St. Beauty. BOSCO's voice is crisper and more emphasized on the track, and following in this theme is her newest single "Adrenaline." 

This track is a part of her newest project b.— which BOSCO says will be a "collection of songs about escapism, freedom, self-discovery, and relationships while transitioning into womanhood. I created this body of work in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New Orleans from intimate moments in my bedroom, friends’ stories, unfinished conversations and feelings while traveling, Uber + plane rides with fleeting thoughts, and self-love/worth during solitude." To get a deeper glimpse into BOSCO look out for the release of b. which will hopefully be an extension of her newest single, with heavier indie pop influence and a resonating sense of honesty in her lyrics.

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Alternative R&B


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