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Matthew Dear sings the "Modafinil Blues" on new single

Matthew Dear is back in fine form on his new song, "Modafinil Blues". It's his first new material under his own name since 2012's full-length, Beams. Dear's inspiration for the track hews pretty closely to what the title may suggest; a bad drug interaction with Modafinil, a pill that is commonly used to cure narcolepsy. Dear takes the opportunity to take us on a journey through the incident, starting innocuously with a weightless, funky intro. It then builds over 5 minutes into a busy ending filled with skittering sound effects and blasts of percussion signaling the inevitable comedown. Dear describes it succinctly by singing, "What do we get? A sense of regret." One's experience listening to the song, however, should yield quite the opposite effect, with hardly a sense of regret to be found. Matthew certainly hasn't lost any songwriting chops in the 5 years since Beams, and "Modafinil Blues" is a sign of maturation for the artist, which should prove intriguing to witness when his next album does come out in the near future.

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Dark Pop · Goth Pop · Indie Dance · New Wave


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