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ODESZA's new album 'A Moment Apart' is slowly piecing together

Pioneering Seattle electronic duo ODESZA has been teasing fans with new music and drawing out big announcements with as much opacity and mystery as possible. Seemingly following in the footsteps of Drake, the group is leveraging Spotify as their main way to get their music out. First they created an empty playlist on the platform, and slowly, after a few single releases, that playlist has evolved into a template for their forthcoming album, A Moment Apart. Due out September 8thA Moment Apart will come together like a 'Mad Libs,' piecing together new singles as the album's message takes shape. Their fourth artist album and first since 2014's In Return, A Moment Apart already includes four singles with the most recent one "Corners of the Earth" coinciding with the album announcement. This is also their first album release since 2014. 



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