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MUTO releases new song "Wildfire" (feat. Deutsch Duke)

Miles Davidson, also known as MUTO, has released new song "Wildfire," featuring Deutsch Duke, premiered following an interview on Good Nights. While electronic, the song is a slow jam with a much deeper meaning. The Sydney based producer is also gearing up for an Australian tour in support of the song, released on March 17 via Of Leisure. MUTO is making some waves for himself in the music industry, and has received admiration from industry heavyweights Flume and Odesza

The song is gentle and soulful, and has a deep personal meaning for the producer. "Wildfire" was written after MUTO lost one of his closest friends and stepfather, and the raw energy and affection for his loved ones can be felt in the production. Duke had also recently experienced loss, which is how the two connected on the track. 

In MUTO's words, "Wildfire is inspired by the longing and loss of a loved one but beyond that, it's about that person living within you and driving you to see the light at the end of the tunnel." 

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