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Miami Horror releases new song "Dark Love" from 'The Shapes' EP

Miami Horror have released new song "Dark Love," featuring Danny Pratt and it is a delightful and bubbly post-pop surprise. The track is from their new EP, entitled The Shapes, was recently released and is rippling through the music industry with it's infectious '80's stylings. Each song is bold and just bursting with colorful beats, synths and vocals, but "Dark Love" stands out as the most infectious on the EP. 

"Take me anywhere that you choose," Pratt croons on the track, which transports us to a dance floor in the '80s, fog machine, trippy light lazers and all. While their song "Leila" from the EP has been topping 100K streams on Soundcloud and Spotify, last track on the EP "Dark Love" carries The Shapes through. 

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