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Above & Beyond debut "1001" and new Anjunabeats star Judah's "Zero-Day"

Above & Beyond fans never miss a beat, including the teaser of the trio's latest release "1001." First teased as an ID at their Group Therapy 200 performance in The Netherlands in 2016, "1001" has been making its way into other live sets, online forums, and now to its final release today on their own Anjunabeats. Marked by a classic flow of embracing open builds to emotional big room energy trance 2.0, "1001" is classic Above & Beyond, with the defining sound they've made a movement through their music and their label's music.

"1001" might not be the most notable release from Anjunabeats this week, though. The familial, insular label seems to have welcomed a new member to its club named Judah. First appearing on a release with Fatum last year, "Zero-Day" marks Judah's first release with the coveted outlet, and makes an impressive statement with the single. A progressive track with rock-inspired synths giving it some edge, "Zero-Day" is a must-listen.

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