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Slaptop & Rozzie Crane strike a chord on "Come Down"

The producer known as Slaptop has a bit more to give ahead of the release of his debut album on Friday. It feels like we just heard "Another Life" for the first time, and just discovered his breakout track "Sunrise." But this week it's "Come Down" that has the spotlight, and boy oh boy is it a winner. One of the only truly chilled out tracks we've seen from Slaptop, "Come Down" doesn't just feature vocals from Rozzi Crane, but sets her up for success as if it's her own song. Together with Slaptop's future R&B-isnpried production, the first signee to Adam Levine's label joins her fellow Bay Area natives to create a powerful track that transcends many moods. It's out now via Slaptop's newly formed label Sunsquad Records, ahead of the debut of With You on March 3rd. 

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