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Slaptop releases new track "Another Life" [Premiere]

San Francisco based artist Slaptop has released new track "Another Life," featuring Geneva White on vocals, and it is a dazzling indie dance cut. "Another Life" is the debut release from his label Sunsquad and comes at the helm of his upcoming album, due out March 3rd.  

We first heard Slaptop on his 2014 breakout hit "Sunrise," and since, "Another Life" follows his new single "Passenger," which was released this past October on The Magician's Potion Records. In addition to these two singles, Slaptop has also recently done official remixes for Zhu, Jaymes Young, Fetty Wap and Bob Moses

"Another Life" tells the story of a confusing love, where the object of your affection hangs up and then "calls you right back." It's a love that turns you inside out until you wish that you had never fallen. 

Connect with Slaptop: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

Dance · Rhythmic Pop


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