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Teammate bring infectious pop rock in new single "Damage" [Premiere]

The Los Angeles-based duo TeamMate never shy away from a catchy sing-along chorus. Their infectious pop-rock sound beats at the core of the group. At first glance, you might turn to cheeky anthem rock sound, until you begin really diving into the textures of high-energy drums and spirit lifting pop chorus', and really see the explosiveness of this group. “Damage” is the next single from the band's upcoming self-titled debut album and a thunderous preview of what fans can look for this year

"This sound came out over time. When we first started it was more of a bedroom style as we were focused on writing the songs but then when we got on the road, we start amping it up so it’s more fun to play live for us and the audience." Scott, Teammate

The band's backstory is the driving force behind the depths of their lyrics. Scott Simons (keys, synths, vocals) and Dani Buncher (vocals, drums), were previously in a relationship and somehow, by the grace of god, their break up a decade later didn't end in some wild drama filled reality show style fight but instead evolved into a musical partnership. Teammate became both the duo's therapeutic and creative outlet and that's made strongly evident through their music. “Damage” is about the turning point after their break up where they realized that despite the failure of their romantic relationship they would be able to move forward as TeamMate’s (insert winking face emoji for pun)

"This track really captures the energy of the band, the dynamic between Scott and I. It feels meaningful andI still think it's crazy that we’re in a band together." Dani, Teammate

“This is one of the older songs that we've had for the record and we've held onto it for a while because of how special it was for us. We wanted to make sure it really got the attention it needed. At the time we wrote it, we were trying to find out what we were going to be in life, as a band. We were just starting out on this new type of relationship and had this revolution "What if we were a better band than a couple, what if this was all a round about way for us to just become a band." Scott, Teammate

Teammate continue to build off the momentum they achieved in 2016 after a successful residency at the Satellite in LA, endless love from LA Alternative station Alt987, hit the million mark on Spotify, and shared the stage with artists such as Empire of the Sun, The Groves, Nina Diaz, The Shadowboxers and AWOLNATION, and will be supporting Frenship in February.

Teammate's self-titled album is out 2/16/17 on Rostrum Records. You can also listen to them on Spotify below: 

Connect with TeamMate: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter 
photo credit: Shawn Corrigan

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