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Hear the 10-minute long new project from Berlin's MUUI, "Behind The Eyes"


Leading techno thinker and creator MUUI debuted his latest project, Here Now, on December 16th in his hometown of Berlin. The project - or more like an experience - seeks to bring music, visuals and experiential moments together through music that is paired with events. Bringing together some of the underground's best, and operating with the mantra, "Behind the eyes you don't see. The words you don't hear. Here Now." Here Now gives an impression of other worldliness, but mostly, like the Berlin music scene as a whole: something you need to witness in person to fully appreciate and understand.

For now, we have a piece of a musical component of the project, the first single out on the eponymous label, entitled "Behind the Eyes."  An almost 10-minute long piece, the track is an electronic symphony movement that sets the stage for Here Now's mission moving forward. Organic, fluid, with teasing whisps of melody from fluttering synths, and marked by MUUI's signature blend of melancholy and techno, "Behind the Eyes" is Here Now's mission statement. And it's available as an exclusive via Beatport.

Connect with MUUI: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

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