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Ought frontman Tim Darcy announces solo album with new track & video 'Tall Glass of Water'

Ought’s Tim Darcy seems, for now, to be going his own way. He’s released a new track and video, “Tall Glass of Water” - from a new solo venture entitled Saturday Night, to be released by Jagjaguwar next February. Darcy, who looks as though Twin Peaks’ Dale Cooper became a poet, wrote the song during the recording sessions of Ought’s second album, 2015’s outstanding Sun Coming Down.

“Tall Glass of Water” marks a slight shift in dynamics from the knotty, neurotic art-punk Ought are known for. The track deals more in scattershot garage-pop, anodised with a calculated East Coast cool that’s reminiscent of Lou Reed’s solo output. The guitar fusillade of the first minute gradually maneuvers into a more restrained stroll that effortlessly conserves the track’s voltage.

The video is pretty good, too - featuring a stoic Darcy acting as a one-man endorsement for the stylistic rejuvenation of turtleneck jumpers as he’s slowly encircled by freaky simulacra of himself.

Watch the video for “Tall Glass of Water” below:

Connect with Tim Darcy: Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

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