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Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba release new EP, with all proceeds funding #NODAPL

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It's rare when political activism permeates electronic music. We see it in punk rock, a movement charged with anti-establishment rhetoric. But with Thanksgiving in the air, electronic DJs Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba have seized a timely opportunity to ignite social change regarding the polarizing Dakota Access Pipeline protest. Their collaboration, 'Rekindling,' is a colorful EP from which all proceeds will fund protestors' efforts in Standing Rock, North Dakota.

Mr. Carmack released the EP on Bandcamp for a mere $7, where he urges listeners to reignite their morally conscious flame and "to take more of an active part in the world and not lie dormant." The tracks range from Mr. Carmack's trap-heavy bangers to Djemba Djemba's reflective melodies, juxtaposed by a monologue from prominent #NODAPL protestor and tribal elder Julie Richards explaining the dangerous ramifications of the pipline's construction.

Both informative and crisply produced, 'Rekindling' is a win-win for music lovers and socially inclined EDM heads everywhere. Even RL Grime has pledged his support for the EP, and contributed a significant portion of the $5000 that was donated overnight, according to Mr. Carmack's Twitter. Listen to one of the nine tracks below, and if you're looking for a creative way to donate to the cause, skip your morning latte and buy the EP by following this link.


Connect with Mr. Carmack: Soundcloud / Twitter / Bandcamp

Connect with Djemba Djemba: Soundcloud / Facebook / Songkick

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