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Swindail's remix of Seekae's "Turbine Blue" is an 8-bit treat

Released via the highly regarded Future Classic just two months ago, Sydney-based Seekae unveiled the work "Turbine Blue", a modern romantic tune dosed in the perfect amount of future electronic vibes. Just a few days back, Swindail found the prime opportunity to showcase his quirky sound through a remix of the track. If you haven't heard of Swindail yet, it's time to start paying attention. The Australian producer has worked with fellow folks from the land down under Cosmo's Midnight and has remixed Goldlink, Gorillaz and more. The producer's sound is eccentric more than anything, using zany aural landscapes and witty sound design to appeal to the masses. His sound is playful and saturated, a whirlwind of the nostalgic chiptune from your previous game consoles contrasted with a groovy grown up twist.

His take on "Turbine Blue" is a pleasant rendition that takes listeners through an endearing 8-bit journey. Swindail's rework is a track to be enjoyed at a time of leisure, with it's chilled out simplicity and quirk. The track is both nostalgic and futuristic. It's pillowing synths and cutesy percussions are the icing on top to an overall sweet sonic masterpiece. 

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