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Nick Pes' new video for 'Sunsets' explores science, technology, and relationships

When I first heard Sydney-based artist Nick Pes' new single "Sunsets" I must admit I wasn't completely wowed, however after taking a deeper dive into the background of the music, and the story behind the music video, I felt it should be shared. The new single is a sombre ode to the painful breakdown of a relationship and the video is what truly brings that notion and those lyrics to life. Before I get into it, in our generation and the generations behind us, technology will be driving force behind all things good, great, and also destructive. With "Sunsets", director Josh Harris decided to explore the idea of science, technology and romance all in one fell swoop.  Nick remarks, “We wanted to explore how science and technology will effect our relationships in the future. What additional ethical and emotional challenges will we face? Josh came up with the idea of two lovers who decide to be cryogenically frozen together, and one backs out at the last minute.”

There are many layers to this story and hopefully it sparks a larger conversation after you watch it below. 

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