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Black Kids return with "Obligatory Drugs" and an epic house party [Video]

After sending out huge waves of intensely catchy synth pop with their debut full-length Partie Traumatic, we haven’t gotten much from Florida’s Black Kids aside from a standalone single called “Origami.” The band is back, and the Youngblood siblings are throwing a massive party at their house—it seems everyone’s invited and everything's going to be there. “Obligatory Drugs” isn’t exactly the in-your-face, high energy party-starter that you might be expecting from Black Kids. Instead think of this new track as the nonchalant older kid that just embodies cool. It doesn’t have to try very hard.

The music takes on this sort of space age exotica feel, with light keyboards and simple melodies. Pair that with the repetitious, lo-fi and almost atonal delivery of the lyrics and it makes for this really hypnotic result. Try to get this one out of your head. Even the video with all it's slow-motion and mod dancing is irresistible. We're set on attending this party—are you in, or out?

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