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Mielo's remix of Midoca's "Everything I Need" pulls our heart strings

About four months ago I stumbled upon Mielo's rendition of Porter Robinson's oldie "Say My Name". As a hardcore Porter Robinson fan, I'm always skeptical when approaching remixes of his work, because his originals are almost sacred. But surprisingly, I was completely floored by Mielo's version of the track. The Chicago-based boisterous sound design elevated the track's energy to create for a monumental and adventurous sound. Taking on the darker elements of the track, Mielo glazed it over with a shiny overcoat of fleeting synths and sparkly melodies. Upon first listen of the remix, I was immediately hooked to his other-worldly style and looked forward to his next release. 

Now, Mielo has blessed the world with another reality escaping remix, in his take on Midoca's "Everything I Need". The producer creates a rush of emotion in his winding melodies. With the tempo picked up and the use of retro-tinged synths, Mielo paints a soundscape of bittersweet familiarities. The pulsating rolls of the synths lifts listeners up into a cloud of bliss. The frankness in the soft words only eventually ground listeners back to reality. All in all, Mielo's take on Midoca's "Everything I Need" showcases his ability to add a recognizable flavour, expanding his complex sounds into sentimental territories. 

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