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Checkout the trippy stop-motion for Blackout Balter's alt-rock track "Edison"

These days it seems there is no shortage of indie-pop, synth rock, dark pop, dream pop acts for the picking. Within in that realm, there are some phenomenal artists moving and shakin', and uprooting the conventional method of songwriting and creating something completely unique in such a saturated market. One overlooked black sheep is a good solid badass alternative rock song. Bands like Hippocampus, Hop Along, and Highly Suspect  have been turning their amps to 11 and breeding their own refreshing form of alternative rock. Another band that has stepped up to the plate and has had speakers rattling since 2014 is Blackout Balter, a wailing 4-piece group from Massachusetts that will put some hair on your chest.

 Their debut EP Twist and Bend shows their alt prowess, blending strings and keys into a driving infectious sound that follows suit to their name Blackout Balter, which means to free yourself and dance without care. Today, the group releases some insane visuals for their track “Edison.” It’s 3 minutes of claymation, created by polish artist Martyna Koleniec, that looks like the hallucinatory love child of Tim Burton and Don Hertzfeldt. Check out the video below and be sure to give their debut EP Twist and Bend a spin.

Connect with Blackout Balter: Spotify | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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