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Kyle Watson takes L D R U's "Next To You" into the deep beyond

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Sydney's L D R U broke out with a string of originals this year that took him from being a notable remixer to rising star status. His latest, "Next To You," was released earlier this spring, showing L D R U's newer affinity for pop tracks with the aid of some uplifting production and vocals from fellow Aussie Savoi. 

Today, the original "Next To You" is seeing multiple reinvigorations in many different directions with the release of its remix EP. We have a first look at one of the EP's standouts, from South African DJ and producer Kyle Watson. We've seen Watson on remix duties before, and he's taken his knowledge of the underground to bring "Next To You" to a totally new place of deeper, darker admissions with his remix. Funky, industrial sunrise vibes have descended on the track, and its groove is now unforgettable. The Next To You remix EP is streaming and available for download via multiple services.

Dance · Deep House · Premiere · Tech House


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