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Cavalier's new track "Allure" is the fresh dose of smooth R&B trap beats you need today

Picture this: you snuck up onto the rooftop of a fancy-ass restaurant, the view is gorgeous with city lights framing the skyline and you just rolled a big fat joint in the midst of all these boring middle-aged socialites standing around in their wine dresses and fancy suits chatting about nothing in particular and clinking their champagne glasses. 

The described scenario is what came to mind when I was on my fourth listen of Cavalier's new track "Allure". The track opens with eery chorus oohs before quickly jumping into this super slick synth-y trumpet melody evoking images of a night sky, shining city lights, and expensive-looking people on an exquisite rooftop. It's not long before a trap beat enters, ensuring that this track isn't some fully classy affair because you're standing in the middle of this scene in your ratty clothes. Piano chord variations, wobbling synths, and occasional organic sounding snaps and things keep the mood alive. 

Suddenly, you get handed the aux cord and what do you do? Give this rooftop party some much needed fuel, is what you do. "Allure" takes a sharp swerve around 1:48, and the track suddenly turns into this heavy-hitting trap song, with a whiny flute melody and snares going off like a billion pissed off middle-aged snakes unsubtly glaring at the young youthster who just crashed their evening wine-and-dine with hooligan music. Tinkling bell melodies gradually enter back into the track before slowly fading away.. like the way sound fades out as someone quickly turns the volume dial down completely, and you quickly get escorted off the rooftop. 

Anyways, Cavalier's "Allure" for the most part, is a smooth, breezy jam that does unexpected shifts in musical theme in the best of ways. Give it a listen to hear for yourself.  

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