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Get lost in Thundercat's "Song For The Dead" video

Bassist, producer, singer, and magical musical wizard, Thundercat has blessed fans and appreciative listeners with a brand new, mind-bending set of visuals. The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam may be a year old, but the tracks still resonate, which is a testament to his musicianship. Usually the headdress adorned musician creates challenging videos, and "Song For The Dead" continues this tradition.

Viewers follow Ryan McShane a.k.a. RY NO's animated rendering of Thundercat, who possess a sage-like presence throughout the video. As the incredibly funky bassline and sparse rhythmic accompaniment get into a jazzy groove, the singer contacts the spirit of dead wolf through clairvoyance. Through a mystical unknown power, Thundercat becomes the wolf or at least is able to access the last, fleeting joyful memories of the fading wolf. The two become one for a moment. It is a beautiful, yet subtle sentiment that gives "Song For The Dead" an even deeper meaning—especially because he choose to use a hunter's revolver as the cause of death.

"Song For The Dead's"' video is packed with unique animation, intriguing scenes, and an important message. While it might seem dirge-like, it is still worth a watch and listen. Thundercat floating above the Earth is a sight to see, check it out above.

Connect with Thundercat: Brainfeeder | Twitter | Spotify 

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