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KANT teams up for "Close to the Wire" [Premiere]

While we always see great electronic talent coming out of Europe, it's easy to focus on the talent coming out of The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and the UK. But turning a blind eye to the rest of the wealth of talent that the world has to offer would have us miss out on the work of KANT, a Copenhagen-based production team whose sound is something special and avant garde. With their beginnings in the underground scene, KANT has brought their deep house sound to remix some of electronic and pop music's biggest names including Jessie J and NERO, and gaining traction with downtempo vocal originals like their latest "Nightcall."  With previous releases on iconic labels Toolroom, Suara and FFRR, this week KANT has returned with a new original that will be released on the underground-label-to-be Black Butter Records.

Scooping him up fresh off of his last collaboration with Kidnap Kid, KANT teamed up wtih Leo Stannard on their latest for a vocally stimulating, electronically enlightening original entitled "Close To The Wire." Working closely on production and songwriting, the team has created a collaboration out of teamwork that's appealing to all sorts of musical senses. "Close To The Wire" has many faces - entrancing piano chord melancholy a la Moby, an obvious singer-songwriter influence in a mixture of live instruments and a subtle tasteful groove - whose worth together is soulful, alluring and laid back.



Connect with KANT: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter


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