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Terminal Gods should be your next musical "Discovery" [Video Premiere]

Terminal Gods are a smoking hot band straight out of London with a passion for rock music. The band is composed of four members, Robert Cowlin on vocals, Robert Maisey on lead guitar, Jonathon Campbell Ratcliffe shredding the bass, and Josh Cooper setting the rhythm. They've been together for 5 years and each add a significant contribution to their mesmerizing debut album, Wave / Form"Discovery" is straight off the 9 track album, which was released on the band's DIY Label Heavy Leather.  Terminal Gods have released two music videos from their album, with several upcoming gigs planned to play the material live. 

The single has an instantly good guitar rift that brings you further into the music. The lead vocals of Cowlin are catchy by giving a sense of nostalgia, with a '90s stylistic singing.  The guitar solo by Maisey around half way sets an interesting atmosphere that soon flows back into the main chorus. The pop-infused sound mixes well with the band's punk aesthetic and style, which crosses over in their instrumentation.   

The video features a meta view of the band members watching themselves on a retro TV. The vintage setting is the band's local pub, Aces & Eights, a quintessential English home found in Tufnell Park, London. There are lighthearted, sarcastic comments from each musician throughout the video, which add an ironic level of self-critique. The reflective filming and camera transitions are done by Andy Oxley, a member of Screen 3 Productions. There is a slow shift of reality bending between the TV and band in the pub, that ends with them sleeping, as if the video never really happened. 

If you like what you heard, then perhaps Terminal God's 5 year anniversary show in London is the right place to be on August 12th. You can catch the band playing at The Finsbury Pub, with more details here.

Connect with Terminal Gods: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

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