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Watch Quilt's Bittersweet "Padova" Video

"My mother had just passed away earlier that year and I was thinking a lot about death at the time," explained Quilt vocalist/guitarist Shane Butler of "Padova," the standout track from this year's Plaza (out on Mexican Summer). "I feel that this song in particular captures the particular feeling of that time sonically...It is heartbreaking, strong, and fluid."

The band has captured that intensity in visual form, as well, with the ethereal new video for "Padova." The Christopher Good-directed interpretation explores the visceral nature of life and death by following three Grecian goddesses through a gorgeous, burning landscape of flowers and furniture, a careful balance of the song's quiet, indie-rock passivity and emotional strength. It's an apt entrance into Quilt's worldview. 

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Acoustic · Indie · Soft Rock


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