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k?d and Lolaby will take you "Somewhere Far Away"

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As a writer, it is troublesome to avoid the comparison of artists to one another. But as that concept sunk deeper within me, I came to the conclusion that all art is a form of inspiration from several different outlets.  To be compared to our highly regarded inspirations is a compliment more than anything and depicts a strong passion that is audibly recognized. There has been a surge of music recently that alludes to the grandeur and adventurous scope of sound found in music by artists including electronic pioneers Porter Robinson and Madeon. As a die hard fan of the two artists, I hear influence in rising talents in the Soundcloud community from the likes of LIONEMielo, and VDG. Adding to this list of artists that encompass this blissful other worldly sound is mysterious producer k?d.

Only several weeks ago I was introduced to k?d's remix of Daft Punk's "Doin' it Right", a rendition that completely floored me. Already, the humble producer has been supported by Louis the Child and Manila Killa, with their implementation of the Daft Punk banger in their sets. In just two days, k?d's first original "Somewhere Far Away" featuring chanteuse Lolaby has amassed an astonishing 100k plays. Between the glitchy lush whispers of Lolaby and intermittent rolling static,  k?d transports listeners through an epic sonic journey. The jarring jump to discordant synths paints a bizarre nostalgic emotion within listeners, that speaks to both love and loss.  Tugging between feelings of warmth and sorrow, the arpeggios induce a puzzling tension. The punchy snares and epic drum work are strengthened by effervescence within the synthetic sounds and glowing under-layers. Whether I can avoid comparing k?d to Porter or not, I know that like in Porter's work, k?d's music gives me a inexplicable feeling. What makes k?d unique is that fact that his production possesses an idiosyncratic enigma, placing listeners in a position of introspective thinking through intangible worlds of sound. 

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