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Vacances' latest video is a "Runaway" to a killer '80s dance party [Premiere]

New York-based group Vacances provide a visual pairing to their infectious ’80s retro single, "Runaway." The track is chock-full of catchy synth melodies, power guitar hooks, dark pop choruses and dance ready beats. The music video is a journey through the nostalgic '80s that we didn't mind seeing make a comeback in recent years. By the time the video montage is over (or when I finished destroying the repeat button), you're left wishing you had been on The Cure's Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me tour.   

The track contains a subtle downtempo bridge followed by an elusive rise that's rich in vibrant synths, catchy choruses and hard hitting guitar riffs. It ultimately all leads up to this penetrating symphonic climax. This meandering approach of slow paced, seductive vocals accompanied by an intertwined synth and drum beat and sandwiched between an electrifying chorus, is a trait found in some of the most popular 80s dark pop hits that we've all come to love. The unique contemporary elements that Vacances bring to the table makes this a tune that both fans today and the club goths of the '80s could dance along together to. The video is just as playful and energetic as the track and it's the perfect addition to any weekend dance playlist. 

"We wanted to feature our favorite 80s moments from goth/punk/new wave to the weird commercials that we remembered from when we were super young! We found different footage from 80s goth parties to terrible special effects and thought it fit the idea of where our sound is heading perfectly. Our friend out of NY Jorey Kiva edited everything together and provided some of the direction. We're planning on making videos for each song on the EP and anything moving forward. We're really into the idea of making Vacances something that always has an additional artistic component to it."  Danny Lannon, Vacances

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