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Moglii & Novaa tease new EP with latest single "Mother" [Premiere]

Hot on the heels of their debut single "Down Under", German-based duo Moglii & Novaa are once again teasing their fans with a forthcoming 5-track EP. Today they unveil their latest single  "Mother" as another taste of what's to come. The pair first linked up not too long ago over a shared love of organic, natural soundscapes and higher thinking. When speaking on the new single Moglii mentions, "to me, the song is telling a story. its about the journey of a young girl, which runs away from a bad past to a better and brighter future. so the different parts telling this fairytale also on a musical-level. it starts with a „walking“ beat, the beat is dropping heavy because of this big change/run away and at the end stands this „brighter“ vision for that girl, the harmonies shifting higher." 

Moglii's style of warm beats, analogue synthesizers and soulful vocal samples meshes perfectly with Novaa's sweet harmonies on "Mother". The pair seem to have found their perfect counterparts with this new project. Stream "Mother" below and be sure to be on the lookout for the forthcoming Down Under EP. 

Connect with Moglii: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter

Connect with NOVAA: Soundcloud I Facebook 


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