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Ape Drums gives Rihanna's "Work" a new look

Houston-based producer Ape Drums has gotten all sorts of support from contemporaries (and garnered quite a fan following) in his pursuit of making music that can be classified as dance hall with a touch of big room house, hip hop and trap. Since his breakout hit "Worl' Boss" in 2013, he's been bringing moombahton back on the map with originals and fan-friendly free downloads and remixes. It's no wonder then, that his latest remix and free download is from the queen of crossover Rihanna's chart topping track "Work." 

A subtle take on the original, Ape Drums's "Work" elicits one thing that's for sure: he knows what he's doing. Honoring Ri-Ri's original vocals, and highlighting them as well as the original's production with some new flare, he's refreshed "Work" without butchering it. And it's streaming and available for download








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