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Party Favor and Bipolar Sunshine "Circle Up" for a laid-back time [Video]

Exuding a pure and innovative sound, notorious party-starter Party Favor has teamed up with acclaimed vocalist Bipolar Sunshine for an infectious new production "Circle Up" - accompanied by a technicolour music video brimming with trippy audial twists and turns.

Continuously blurring the boundaries between electronic, rap, reggae and other genres, it's not a surprise that "Circle Up" encompasses a variety of sounds for a unique listening experience. Delivering tribal-influenced percussions and a thumping bass line for a tropical moombahton feel, Party Favor flawlessly melds reggaeton instrumentals in, pairing well with Bipolar Sunshine's vocals. The hand-crafted feel in the video shines through as an eclectic and fun touch, a surreal take that is perfect for the song's funky identity. Additionally, the bright pink and blue neons help emphasize the vivacious energy that seeps through each and every tonal peaks and valleys of "Circle Up" - a visual metaphor for our laid-back dreams.


Connect with Party Favor: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook
Connect with Bipolar Sunshine: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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