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Jubilee honors the rave on latest album, 'Call For Location'

Jubilee released her third studio album, Call For Location as an autobiographical look back on her life as a raver.

The South Florida native was indoctrinated early on with the signature sounds of Miami's bass and hip-hop scene, remnants of which you can feel in the machinations on Call For Location. But this album, though about her local scenes growing up in Miami and later in New York City, is a love letter to the rave.  She took to Instagram on the album's release, sharing how the underground electronic music community shaped her. 

Through 11 songs, Jubilee traverses through hip-hop, electronica, bass, breaks, dancehall, and techno in a structured way that articulates her all-encompassing DJ sets in album form. Call For Location sees the BBC Radio 1 residency and Boiler Room alum expresses her personal history with an identifiable intimacy recognizable by party goers new and old. The title itself calls out to her community, reflecting the word of mouth nature of rave culture, and the tangible secrecy subscribed to in order to maintain an underground space open to everyone.

Call For Location is out now via Mixpak Records, and follows the release of singles "Mami," "Fulla Curve," and "Shots." After producing music for nearly a decade, this album follows long-form releases in 2014 and 2016.

Connect with Jubilee: SoundCloud | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

Bass · Dance · House · Moombahton


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