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Helios' new "Embrace" video is a wordless sci-fi love story

Keith Kenniff's most recent album as Helios was last September's Yume, but it's never too late for a video as stunning as his "Embrace" visuals.  More short film than music video, the opening scene depicts a tumultuous argument in a placid setting of California scrub brush.  The female lead, seen donning a space helmet in the opening shot, then lifts off from the Big Sur coastline in a single-person spacecraft, deciding Mars sounds more appealing than her current romantic situation.  Still, all hope is not  lost; director Sean Pecknold is looking toward a pretty plausible future, when such a scene might be totally possible.  Maybe her boyfriend will grow up and move to Mars one day.  

All jokes aside the video is pretty moving, and goes perfectly with Helios' music, which in this case feels like a four-minute sonic hug.  Watch the video below courtesy of Beatport.  Check out Kenniff's music as Helios, Goldmund, and Mint Julep here.  



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