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Gonzo Jones' "Misty Dreams" is soft rock bliss

Good Manners Records' most recent find is Gonzo Jones, an eclectic yet mysterious moniker to emerge out of Melbourne as of late.

"Misty Dreams" is our first peek into Jones' debut EP entitled Misty Dreams. Upon first listen, one may quite obviously align Jones with (musically) like-minded Mac Demarco, but that would be too limiting a comparison to make. Instead, Jones offers up more memorable slacker rock tunes that don't require an overly goofy frontman to make an impression.

Misty Dreams' title track, as Jones notes on his Facebook page, is an "ode to primal attraction". Exploring the sonic space on the "thin line between desire and obsession", "Misty Dreams" is a lovely, lovely tune worthy of your ears and mine. 

Chillout · Indie · Pop · Rock


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