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Distant Lover's "Heavens Above" is meditative indie-pop

A year or so ago, The Holidays' frontman Simon Jones quietly relocated from Sydney, Australia to London, England. Ever since, he's been working on a solo record under the moniker Distant Lover

"Heavens Above" is his debut single as Distant Lover, and its quite strikingly resemblant of Jones' tie to The Holidays' electronica/pop/fuzz feel. The indie/electronic track, to which Jones describes as both 'existential rock' and 'commercial funk', is wildly easy to listen to.

With the help of an 8-track tape machine, synths, guitar and a drum kit, Distant Lover is seemingly tapping into DIY universe of dreamy soft rock that has (so far) resulted in a promising debut.



Dreampop · Dreamwave · Electronic · Indie · Shoegaze · Soul


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