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Flora Cash releases haunting beauty "Pharaoh" [Premiere]

In today's swipe right culture it's refreshing to hear a story of organic and passionate love. Indie folk duo Flora Cash's story is exactly that and one that sounds plucked straight from a Nick Hornby novel. Now husband and wife, Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj met back in 2012 trading tunes via Soundcloud when they started falling in love. Long distance became short distance, and now the duo resides in Stockholm where they weave together beautiful music. Their latest release "Pharaoh" is about this young love, this feeling of being head over heels for someone so quickly, feeling as though you know every intimate detail of their being while not knowing them at all. The song itself is a shimmering yet haunting blend of delicate smoky vocals precisely laid over a bed of light brooding melody. The song is beautiful artistic representation of the feelings of doubt but passion and intrigue in young love. Pharaoh is off their forthcoming album Can Summer Love Last Forever? out March 18th on ICEA.

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Folk · Indie · Main Stage · Premiere


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