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Father, ABRA, & iLoveMakonnen just need some love on "Why Don't U"

In music, there are those artists who inspire listeners to go out in the world and do great things; musicians who make you want to pick up an instrument and start recording. They stand atop their peers, faces permanently chiseled into the Mt. Rushmore of whatever genre their preference. Father is not one of those said artists. Father is a piece of shit. 

This title is harsh, but it also self-ordained. While a lot could be said about Father's and his crew's, Awful Records, incredible rise from strange underground weirdos, to burgeoning hedonistic DIY stars, it would neither do the group justice nor be the most interesting topic up for discussion. Instead, it has to be about the unadulterated revelry in the Dionysian aspects of modern hip-hop and pop culture. Sex, drugs, fighting, shooting, spirit bombs, and pranks are consistently indulged to excess; to the point that they lose their dark mystique and become regular and even comical.These are the kids you do not want around your kids. Hence the irony in their leader's, Father, being a self-styled piece of shit. 

However, even the world's most evil human claws after love; so too does on of  hip-hop's most depraved MCs. Father's latest single, "Why Don't U," sees him team up with his fellow Awful Records songstress, ABRA, and frequent collaborator iLoveMakonnen. While ABRA is pleading for a reason why her casual hook up does not reciprocate her strong feelings, Father and iLoveMakonnen rap about being tired of aspects of love. The former rapper's verse is still filled with the a lot of not giving a fuck bars, including a moment where he blacks out on Xans and wakes up in bed with a girl after doing the deed. Father also provides the production, which includes a healthy amount of females moaning, just to get you in the right mood. iLoveMakonnen raps about being in love, but still needing to have girls on the side during touring and recording. 

"Why Don't U" is definitely worth the listen and a great way to get hyped for what Father's forthcoming LP, I'm A Piece of Shit. Seriously, Father is consistently maturing artist, who is incredibly creative. His ability to not give a fuck and go all out are some of the reasons his music is so interesting. You should go back and check out Young Hot Ebony and Who Gonna Get F*cked First...you pieces of shit. 

Hip-Hop · Rap · Southern Trap


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