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Moderat shares animated video for their new song "Reminder"

A few weeks ago Berlin trio Moderat shared their first release, "Reminder" off their forthcoming studio album iii, out April 1 on Mute / Monkeytown Records. Today the duo shares the music video to accompany the release. Since the group's inception, they have worked closely with the artist Pfadfinderei to create visuals for their music videos, live shows, and more. For "Reminder" they enlisted Pfadfinderei's help in addition to the work of SEHSUCHT Berlin to create a striking animated piece. It is set in a dystopian future that looks like a blend of Halo and Assasins Creed. A faceless peasant battles monsters, and offers an offering to a deity. It's an interesting music video to accompany a beautiful track. Watch the video below and be sure to catch them during their US Tour. 

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