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TwonDon tells the story of the "Million Dollar Babies"

The art of storytelling through music has to be one of the most challenging things to do. To convey a message through a song is to express countless emotions, histories, and opinions through one consolidated source. The art has been lost in recent years as the landscape of hip-hop continues to grow and become more and more definitively dynamic. My good friend TwonDon has returned to EARMILK to tell one more story, one of which packs a powerful punch to families everywhere.

"Million Dollar Babies" can be interpreted in many ways, but my interpretation comes from that of the star lifestyle and dispensable nature of the music business. Twon speaks about being dismissed, the destiny of young men, and relates it all back through a young boy watching this information unfold. The video, which features sharp, flashing colors and warns viewers of seizures, is an art form in itself, directed by Vintage Modern.

I urge you to listen to some of the past drops from TwonDon, as well as download his mixtape Stay Golden. Still new to game, I consider him to be a contender to watch in the coming year.

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