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TwonDon is so close with "4th N Inches" [Video]

Ever since "Life's a Bitch" came out about six months ago, New Jersey's TwonDon has been atop my list of young artists to watch.  His lyrics tell vivid, inspiring stories and I dig that, especially in a time where a lot of hip-hop is abstract.

Yesterday T.D. released a new track that he calls "4th N Inches". He did so with an additional video to the track, giving his release day an augmented announcement. The video takes place in what I'm assuming is a New Jersey stairwell, with the emcee as our star. He ascends the stairs with each lyric, coming across a new experience on each level. Then, with ultimate 90s baby style, finishes his climb in a relaxed apartment with nothing but a SEGA Genesis and his lady.

TwonDon told me he was looking to expand his experiences, so that way he could expand his writing. I love the drive to use life as a main influence in your music, it shows authenticity and a soul behind the mic. Take a listen to "4th N Inches" below and catch the video even lower.



"4th N Inches"

  • November 18


Hip-Hop · Rap


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