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Rumpistol and Ane Trolle venture with "Eyes Open Wide"

After a seep of quiet, Danish producer Rumpistol returns to the spotlight with his new single, "Eyes Open Wide". The song features a fellow, much admired Danish artist behind the vocals, Ane Trolle. With Rumpistol's signature touch of dream-scape electronic wrapped around Trolle's voice that holds a listener captive, this track becomes an ambitious piece denoting an ease in flow even within its complex circuits.

Rumpistol demonstrates, per usual, the weightlessness of his music and allows us to peep at what sounds and surges of creativity amount to in a Danish flair. In "Eyes Open Wide" one can see both these artists dip their toes in footwork/ juke genre that gives the song its racy excitability that pulses like a vivid heartbeat. 

Out now on Rump Recordings, enjoy the long-overdue effort that turns out to be well worth the wait. 




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