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Suuns share first single from upcoming LP, 'Hold/Still'

Montreal-based krautrock crew Suuns just shared the first single from their forthcoming third studio LP, Hold/Still. “Translate” is built on the maddening repetition of off-kilter synth arpeggios, wrought from the obsessive, patch-building hands of Max Henry. Analogue thuds, drums, noisy guitars and Ben Shemie's dulcet voice fill the surrounding space to bring the piece together.

Suuns also shared an accompanying music video, an exhibition of thermal-imaged shots by long-time collaborator, Charles-André Coderre. Additionally, the band revealed a Dark Sky “Psych” remix for "Translate," which highlights the original’s neo-psychedelic undertones and supplies them with a forward-looking beat. It’s the first in a series of remixes to be released in conjunction with Hold/Still singles.

Hold/Still was created in collaboration with production pundit John Congleton, and it drops on April 15 via Secretly Canadian.



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